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Refer A Friend...and why you should.

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Say you're a VIP. You love your hair, you love your products. You think your friends and family would love them too!!

You talk to them, you ask me what I would recommend and then you share your own personal VIP link with them.

When they sign up as a VIP:

You get $20 towards your next flexship order.

They get $20 towards their next flexship order.

Ummmmm....yes please!

Want to know the best part? You can do that as many times as you want!!!!

Have 3 friends become a VIP? $60 in your flexship account.

Have 10 friends become VIP? $200 in your flexship account.

I mean not to get ahead of myself but have 100 friends become VIP?!?! Yep, you guessed it....$2000 in your flexship account.

PS: My other favorite part is that if you one day decide you want to become a Market Partner because you REALLY love your shampoo -- all of those lovely people who YOU signed up as VIPs become a part of your downline and you will start to get commission on these customers who already LOVE the products too. It's like having a built in business already!!

I really don't think it could get any better...

Questions? Feel free to email or text me!

Want to become a VIP and start telling your friends? Click HERE.



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